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Basecamp Tonsai has been offering professional climbing instructions on the famous limestone cliffs over the Andaman sea since 1996. Basecamp Tonsai is under German management.
During high season we have over 12 climbing and deep water soloing guides working at Basecamp. All our guides speak excellent English, have been trained as climbing instructors following the standards of the German Alpine Club (DAV) and have at least three years of working experience.
Basecamp Tonsai trains and tests all guides at the start of each season, we are the only climbing school in Krabi to do so. We take “Climb Safe” very seriously, and have been guiding accident-free for over 10 years now.

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Community Projects

Tonsai is our home and we are committed to preserve the unique beauty of this area, please read below and let us know your thoughts!

comm-projUnfortunately, it seems that most climbers are here for a few weeks vacation and set in a consumption mode, too busy to have the time of their life to think about nature conservation. Behaviour noone would consider cool at home, seems perfectly normal here. It’s almost a sport to lament the growing garbage hills in Ton Sai, while taking out food in styrofoam cups. However, there is no official garbage removal in Ton Sai, the vast majority of garbage is dumped somewhere and then burned. What more do you need to know to avoid all plastic and styrofoam? Who enjoys the stench of burning garbage? A plastic bag is gone after 20 years….styrofoam (yes the one you got your fried rice or mango sticky rice in) will be around FOREVER!

There is no need for ordering any drinks or food to go which in Thailand always means it comes packed in styrofoam. Refuse the plastic bag in the minimarts. Return the plastic water bottles as well as cans, both have a value and will be recycled. Beer out of a can tastes the same as out of a bottle. Thai breweries have so far been unable to establish a system to recover used beer bottles. All glass bottles end up in dumps. When you are not drinking beer, you will be drinking 3 to 4 litres of water every day, so buy your water in bulk. Bulk water is sold at ”The Shop & Everything” in Ton Sai not far from our school or ask at your bungalow reception.

All our Deep Water Soloing trips lunch is packed in stainless steel containers and water comes in 20l refillable bottles. When we carry beer or soft drinks, it’s cans only. A huge mountain of styrofoam, plastic and glass avoided on every trip!

Taking a snorkel trip? How much waste will the organizer produce for you? Lunch packed in styrofoam, then packed in plastic bags, plastic water bottles packed in plastic bags…at home everyone knows about responsible consumption, please help Ton Sai by insisting on environment-friendly service during your time here. The upside potential of local businesses learning better conservation behaviour through customer pressure is huge!


We have opened many routes ourselves in Thailand and there is a continuous re-bolting effort going on. We will never ask for money donations, but we are making it possible for visiting climbers to donate bolts or rings to rebolters. We want to get something done over playing politics. We kicked off the ThaiTanium Project in 2008 and supported the second launch of the project by premiering the fundraising Thaitanium Movie from Josh Lyons. Josh and his team have managed to get over 400 bolts replaced in each and every season during the last three years. There is no community project in the climbing scene of Thailand that has seen so many individual contributors. This kind of crowd funding is amazing and gives us all a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Go on please!

Due to personal circumstances, Josh Lyons could not come to Tonsai for the first time in many years. Thanks to the rest of the THAitanium team to rebolt various routes on the beach, Tyrolean Wall and also Gwaht Lan.

Again great results thanks to everyone’s donations. All bolts on Wee’s Present Wall exchanged for titanium bolts. Ditto for Cobra Wall.

This was the third season that Basecamp put all our support into the ThaiTanium project, by showing the movie to raise funds, by hosting slideshow about the rebolting process and by retailing the donation shirts. We can proudly look back on far over thousand climbers in total that have contributed to this cause and in February 2013 enabled the complete rebolting of Cat Wall.

Back by popular demand, the t-shirt that puts your name on a titanium bolt. The titanium bolt fund drive continued in the second season and resulted in all routes on Eagle Wall going titanium!

Basecamp Tonsai premiered Josh Lyon’s move “Thaitanium Project” and continues to support this fundraiser as the team around Josh and Tom Cecil is very pragmatic about rebolting, placing priority on popular crags with high frequency of climbers as well as making bolts available to other experienced rebolters. Check the movie show times at Basecamp Tonsai during high season we show it every Saturday at 8.30pm and by request during low season. Every climber should watch this movie! During January and February 2011, climbers bought 200 copies of the DVD and enabled together with the bolts donated by the American Safe Climbing Association over 400 titanium bolts to be replaced. All the routes at Wild Kingdom, Monkey World and The Keep are now equipped with titanium bolts.

Thanks to the many climbers who replaced slings and anchor ropes and access ropes on various crags in Tonsai and Railey! Thanks also to those who donated their old ropes!

ko_poda_1The 15 road trippers from www.climbhotrock.com went to deep water solo with us and helped us to clear the small bay behind Ko Poda from garbage … everything from those stupid styrofoam containers to baby diapers..

Thanks for the help!

And if you don’t mind to lend a hand, check at Basecamp for the next Deep Water Solo Trip cum beach clean-up at Ko Poda.

community_proj_2009Together with Tom Cecil, who in terms of new routes in Thailand is a high producer and as a rebolter not too vain to rebolt a nice line from someone else, we kicked off this project with the goal to make more Ushba Titanium bolts available for rebolting. We glued over 80 new bolts in in 2009, not able to get as many titanium bolts as we wished as due to the financial crises. Thanks to all for your great support.

In terms of hours of top-roping, the anchors of One-Two-Three area must rank number one world-wide. Personally we don’t know any other climbing area where routes are climbed toprope by so many novice climbers for so many hours every day and this pretty much year round. You may wonder why at a time when so many hard routes display titanium bolts, the routes that have the most repetitions were still equipped with old bolts, well, so did we! In Febuary 2008 we organised that these anchors received a titanium bolt as back-up. A total of 10 anchors were backed-up and each equipped with a new set of ropes and anchor ring. Thanks to Justin Day and Saman for the drilling. Thanks to Thomas, Chris and Sarah for helping. Thanks to Tex Climbing Shop for recharging batteries. By the way, there are over 10 climbing schools in Railay and Ton Sai using the One-Two-Three and Muay Thai areas daily for their customers. We did not receive any support in financing this project, the value of all materials used was 10,000 THB, the time and help of friends joining us was invaluable.

It was a strech but it worked: we tried the concept of “corporate sponsorship” successfully in Ton Sai. Several bungalow owners agreed tosponsor anchor rings to give something back to their customers! Most business owners in Tonsai have little knowledge about the specifics of climbing, however, those who agreed to support the anchor replacements wanted to show that they care about their customers of who the huge majority are climbers. These businesses in Tonsai (and one in Singapore) made donations:

– Mambo Bungalows: 10 rings

– ClimbAsia-Singapore: 10 rings

– PaSook Resort: 5 rings

– Dream Valley Resort: 5 rings

– Egk and Tio‘s Coffee: 5 rings

– Pyramid Coffee (Chai): 5 rings

– Forest Resort: 3 rings

– Freedom Bar: 3 rings

– Green Valley Resort: 3 rings

– Banyan Tree Resort: 2 rings

– The Shop & Everything: 2 rings

– Basecamp Tonsai / Wee’s Climbing School: 28 rings

Visiting Climbers donated 33 rings with the biggest donation coming from a group of Chinese climbers from Beijing. The goal was to replace 100 anchors, ring donations totalled 120 of which 100 were placed on the rock within 2 months!! Thanks again to everyone, also to those who volunteered their time to replace anchors!!! The remaining anchor rings were placed on new routes by Tom and his friends in 2006/2007, some made it on new routes on Koh Yao Noi.

Basecamp Tonsai lead the first initiative to replace run-down knife-thin carabiners with anchor rings; at the time supported by some of the other schools we equipped all easy routes at One-Two-Three, Muay Thai and Diamond Cave with anchor rings, to increase safety on the routes that are the busiest top-roped routes every day.