Tonsai Beach in Railey Bay is on Pra-Nang peninsular in Krabi provence. Krabi is the capital of the Southern Thai province by the same name.

Basecamp Tonsai is located on the main road in Tonsai at the right corner of the t-junction next and to the left of the yellow bungalows (Tonsai Bay Resort). From the boat pier in Tonsai just follow the road or walk along the beach to Tonsai Bay Resort and up the walkway 3 minutes and you will see our shop. We have bungalows in several different price categories plus there are many accomodation choices close to us; you are welcome to park your luggage at our shop while checking for a room.

Your best way to travel to Krabi from Bangkok is either directly by plane or by overnight bus from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal. You can also fly into Krabi from Kuala Lumper or from Singapore.

Take a taxi to Ao Nang for about 600 THB. There is also a public airport bus that stops in Krabi town for 150 THB to Ao Nang. The airport bus typically drops passengers at Wang Sei Restaurant where you can get on longtail boats to Tonsai all year round. If you are on a taxi, just tell the driver and he will drop you either on Ao Nang beach in high season or at Klong Jing Suea at low season.

Longtail boats are 100 THB per person until about 5.30 pm. After sunset prices increase considerably. If you arrive later in Ao Nang, it is usually better to just sleep there and catch an early boat to Tonsai.

Long-tail boats on Ao Nang beach work on a queue-system that requires 800 THB with a maximum of 8 people to go. It has been difficult for our customers to get a boat in time for a morning climb without private chartering the entire boat at 800 THB as at time there are not enough people to share the boat.

Starting December 5/2017, we offer an Early Morning transfer service to Tonsai beach for only 100 THB per person every Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a transfer on other days please request under +668 1149 9745 and/or +669 52847354

Please wait for a text confirmation (“ok”), then: on the morning wait on the beach, feet on the sand. Find the fishing monument next to the tsunami warning tower. Go down to the beach and walk to the left as you face the beach. Walk until you are next to a small set of steps, roughly on the height where the Watson/McDonalds is located.

Watch for a boatman holding up a sign with BASECAMP and go to the boat. You may have to walk into the water a bit, depending on the tide. Please be on time as the boat runs only one time per day at 8:15am. Please pay 100 THB per person directly to the boatman. Please bring exact change. Should you miss our boat, please hire a taxi boat in Ao Nang.

You can take a boat from Railay West to Tonsai or you can just walk for about 10 to 20min. At low tide walk around the hilly outcrop that seperates Tonsai beach from Railay West beach. At high tide you can scramble over this hill on a trail.
Once you are on Tonsai beach, walk past Tonsai Bay Resort up the hill for about 5min and you will find Basecamp at the intersection on the mainroad.
Staying in Railay East and have time for a trek? Walk past Diamond Cave, Phutawan Resort and Railay Cabanas to the start of the trail to Tonsai. Follow the trail until you reach the intersection at a stupid wall. Basecamp is on your right.
If you are staying anywhere in Railay and want to go climb with us or join a DWS trip, the best option is to find you way to our shop the day before you want to go. This way you can try on the gear and we can agree on a meeting point either for the climbing guide or the boat pick-up for the DWS trip.

A taxi takes about 20min to Ao Nang beach, however, most hotels run shuttle services to Ao Nang. From Ao Nang follow the steps above to Tonsai.

Phuket is about 3 hours van or taxi ride away from Ao Nang. If you fly into Phuket airport, look for minivans going to Ao Nang. Then follow the steps above from Ao Nang to Tonsai.