Proud to offer the widest selection and best prices!!!

  • Over 200 pairs of climbing shoes at great prices!!!!
  • Rock Pillar, MadRock, … shoes starting under 3.000 THB
  • Ropes start under 6.000 THB
  • Harnesses under 2.000 THB
  • Hardware: Quickdraws, Locking Biners, ATCs, Chalk and more!

Check us out-you will be surprised: we got it all!!!

We also rent top quality gear. Discounts for long-term rentals possible!

We are located in Ton Sai at the t-intersection next to Ton Sai Bay Resort. From the middle of the beach walk up on the road to the left of the internet shop. Stay straight for 3 minutes and you will see our shop. Open daily from 8.30am to 9pm. Break between 5 and 7pm.

We accept and exchange U$- and Euro-CASH.

Items (Prices in THB) Rental Fee Full Day
Pair of Shoes 300
Harness 300
Chalk Bag 100
Rope (60m or 70m) 400
Set of 12 quickdraws 400
ATC & Locking carabiner 100
GriGri & Locking carabiner 200
Safety Sling & locking carabiner 100
Locking Biner 100
Full set for 2 climbers1500

PLEASE BRING YOUR PASSPORT AS A DEPOSIT – It will be locked in our safe.

For rentals longer than 3 days, you pay only half-day rate per full day.

Sorry we do not rent shoes for deep water soloing.