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Basecamp Tonsai proudly offers the most comprehensive climbing course program in Thailand! Our school was established in 1996 and we operate on German safety standards. For the safety of all our customers, our instructors and guides are the best qualified you can find in Thailand. Courses include all climbing gear. Enjoy our climbing gym for reviews on your own as well as rental gear discounts after the course. Our school is open all year.

Learn how to lead climb


Prerequisite: At least one day of guided top-rope climbing. Do you think you have followed for long enough? This course will train your leading skills and confidence. Learn how to account for the additional risks in lead climbing and how to set a strategy for leading a climb. This full-day course starts every day at 9.15am and can jump start your climbing career. Please pick up your textbook the day before to study.
Course fee: 3.500 THB (includes textbook) Intensify with a second practice day total cost 6.000 THB

3 day course


Prerequisite: none. The objective of this popular course is to give you the skills to confidently make your own decisions when climbing! This course focuses on leading skills and will give you the knowledge needed to be responsible for your own safety. Learn how to judge climbing situations as well as new climbing partners! The course is customized to your current experience level. You do need to prepare, so please pick up your textbook one day before to study. This three-day course starts every day at 9.15am or 1.30pm with a half day guided tour. Second day is identical to our Leading Skill Course. Third day is for customized practice climbs. Depending on your time, it can be completed in 3 days back-to-back or paused with 1 restday. 
Course fee: 7.500 THB (includes textbook and certificate)

Climbing technique


Prerequisite: None but guided top-rope days recommended. This course is designed for beginners and advanced beginners who want to improve their climbing techniques. First, the instructor will assess your current abilities and customize a training regime for you. To improve technique, various exercises such as smearing, stemming, lay-back, steep overhang moves, long reaches, chimneying, crimping, toe/heel hooking are covered. Part of the course is in our gym and part is bouldering real rock. The half-day course starts every day at 2pm and runs 4 hours.
Course fee: 2.000 THB

multi pitch climber


Prerequisite: Basic Climbing Skills Course or prior experience.
This course is for advanced climbers who want to learn how to negotiate the specific risks of multi-pitch climbing: how to set up an anchor for belaying, how to belay a following or a leading climber on a multi-pitch anchor and how to safely descend back to the ground. The morning part focuses on how to acend, alternating vs permanent lead, setting up anchors on different fixed equipment. The afternoon runs through two different methods of getting back down annd then we put everything together at the end of the day and mae sure you gain routine in the standard situations. Please pick up your textbook before to study. This full-day course starts every day at 9.15am. This is a one-on-one learning experience at the gym, if you want to be guided on a multi-pitch, find the info under Rock Climbing Tours. Course language: English or German.
Course fee: 6.000 THB (includes textbook)